Washing machine repair


Customer Timing

Feel free to call N S  technical services Team anytime from 8:00am to 9:00pm of everyday, and we will be there at your given time, we are very serious about timings and try to not waste a single minute of your precious time.


Service Warranty

Our all services Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Cold Storage and Air Conditioner are subjected to 90 days warranty, if any service goes wrong before 90 days will be subjected to free of service to the customer.

Fast & Convenient

Reach us quickly with enquiry form, call and Whatsapp, we will be present at you location on given time. We are committed to deliver fast repairing service in Dubai that you will see in our every interaction.

Don’t Worry about your faulty Washing Machine. We have experienced Engineers and very reasonable price.


Washing Machine Repair in Dubai

Welcome to N S technical services Repairing Services, we provide excellence Repairing and Maintenance repairing services in Dubai. If You Need Emergency Washing Machine Repair in Dubai, just call N S technical services Washing Machine Engineers or fill contact form, that given on our websites. If you’d like to know whether one our washing machine repair engineers can address your problem with one call? call or schedule your washing machine repair appointment online by filling our contact form

Washing Machine Repair and Service

If you are looking for washing machine maintenance services in Dubai, Washer Repair, or are interested in a to repair any brand washing machine, N S technical services Washing Machine Repair and Service help You. If you are in Dubai and need to repair your washing machine near you, then you are at right place. N S technical services your best option for quick and easy local repair and maintenance Dubai based Company, top-load and portable washing machines. We are also expert at Dishwasher Repair in Dubai, whether your washing machine is leaking, your washer won’t start, or your washing machine smells bad, you can count on N S technical services for the best washer repair service technicians in Dubai, UAE.

Washing Machine Engineers in Dubai

N S technical services have experienced team of Engineers. We proudly call them Washing Machine Engineers in Dubai they are very unique and satisfied. They have more than 10 years of experience in Washing Machine repairing and maintenance services in Dubai. Washing Machine Repairing and Services requires the attention of experienced Engineers or Technicians. Our team of Engineers are fully trained and experienced as well as they are very nice to customers. They are also expert at Air Conditioner Repairing in Dubai and other all kind of home appliances.

Brands We Repair, Washing Machines

It is very difficult to choose best engineer in Dubai, because there are many brands of washing machine. Some brands repairing is very complicated. There are some brands, in which we are expert and Dishwasher Repairing.

  • Zanussi Washing Machine Repairing
  • Ariston Washing Machine Repairing
  • Bosch Washing Machine Repairing
  • Siemens Washing Machine Repairing
  • Teka Washing Machine Repairing
  • Baumatic Washing Machine Repairing
  • LG Washing Machine Repairing
  • Samsung Washing Machine Repairing
  • Daewoo Washing Machine Repairing
  • Indesit Washing Machine Repairing
  • Matag Washing Machine Repairing
  • Miele Washing Machine Repairing
  • General Electric Washing Machine Repairing

This is list of Washing Machine in Dubai, in which our engineers are expert.

N S technical services always go the extra mile for their customers, offering 2 hours slots for washing machine repair, we are available whole week and provide best customer services in your town, N S technical services always give a call 20 minutes before the arrival of our Washing Machine Engineer. That means you don’t run the risk of missing our visit. We Always remove extra things during Washing Machine repairing from your home when leaving. N S technical services always maintain and repair your washing machine and have it back up and running quickly same day and we are available if you give us a call on next day, you also get special discount if you want to repair ac on our second visit for repairing of things that we provide.

We always provide best repairing service in Your city Dubai and always charge you less than others. We give competitive price. But if your machines any part out or order then you pay for it. We have experienced Engineers that why you will receive our six months guarantee on same fault, and any part fitted.

For more information, don’t hesitate and fill contact form or give us a call, we have very friendly staff.

Add Your Heading Text Why choose us for washing machine repair?

Our experienced technicians are trained in handling high quality appliance parts. Our service center for washing machine repair is equipped with tools and parts for all the latest models and brands in the market. With ample stock, we can reduce waiting time for all our customers ensuring a fast, reliable and guaranteed service. If a broken unit can be fixed without using new parts we do so without adding further financial burdens to our customers. Each repair is assessed with cost effective strategies and we offer an estimate for your prior approval.

  • No hidden charges
  • Expertise is handling all types of washing machine brands and makes
  • Each repair job is guaranteed
  • Total transparency in work and cost
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority
  • Technicians, capable of quickly diagnosing issues and making necessary repairs
  • Lowest service charges in the trade

Some common washing machine issues

  • Washer not starting or stopping mid-cycle
  • Overflowing unit
  • Washer not draining
  • Issues in the spin and/or tumble cycle
  • Leaking unit
  • Dryer not heating up or drying clothes
  • Dryer not starting
  • Unit making strange sounds
  • Burning odor when dryer turned on

These are just a few common issues you may face with a failing washing machine. Our repair technicians will come to your aid on any issue you may have with your washing machine. Call us now in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to restore comfort to your life.